Heuan Chan Historic House Museum

Explore the century-old house and learn more about its original owner. Discover the intricacies of Luang Prabang’s diverse population and their traditional customs and ceremonies as well as daily activities.

Admission Fee: 1.85US$/person

Complementary: 1 bottle of drinking water


Heritage Information Centre

The Centre provides free access to information about the city’s numerous UNESCO-listed historic buildings. Photographs and descriptions are available in books and computer databases.

Free of charge

Handicraft Shop

Underneath the heritage house is a wide selection of handicrafts such as textiles, paintings, woven bamboo items, and handmade paper produced in Luang Prabang Province. You can select authentic crafts to be your souvenirs or gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Our boutique offers herbal teas and other products to remember your time at Heuan Chan Heritage House.


Traditional Costumes for Rent

Step back in time to the bygone years of Luang Prabang by trying on traditional attire of Luang Prabang. The historic house and garden are perfect for photography of you dressed as Lao nobility or a member of the city’s diverse population.


Heuan Chan offers you opportunities to discover lao culture through several tours and workshops.

Venue Rental

We organize events for you!



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